Strong Representation For A Challenging Family Transition

Maintaining A Strong Relationship With Your Child

If you have children, you might have a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety about how your relationship with your children will change when your relationship with the other parent ends. Who will they live with? Will you get to see them at all? Will you have any say in their upbringing? These are essential questions that an experienced family law attorney can help resolve. Although some parents are able to work out the details of such arrangements on their own, the Court must decide what the custody arrangements will be when the parents can’t agree.

Don’t leave your relationship with your children to chance. To learn more about creating the best future possible with your children, call Martin A. Tetreault, P.A. You can trust in our legal team’s years of experience and record of success. We assist clients in Smithfield and throughout Johnston County.

What Does A Custody Agreement Look Like?

Custody arrangements are designed based on each family’s needs and the best interests of the children involved. There are two aspects to child custody: physical custody refers to the practical arrangements concerning where your children will live; legal custody, on the other hand, refers to a parent’s right to make decisions about a child’s upbringing, including:

  • School – Input on decisions such as what school they attend, school activities, and any needed special education services
  • Discipline – Establishing consistent rules for discipline between households
  • Health and Well-Being – Making medical decisions, addressing health concerns and counseling needs
  • Religion – Considerations with regard to religious upbringing and education, especially when the parties have different religious beliefs
  • Participation in sports and activities – Decisions as to the types of extracurricular activities in which the children may participate, especially those which will require commitment from both parties with respect to time and expense

We can help you construct a custody plan which outlines the ground rules of a custody and/or visitation arrangement to avoid conflict and work together for the best interests of your children. Our experienced family law attorney can help you work out the details of these plans so your family can move forward in a positive manner.

Look Out For Your Children And Yourself

The Court will take into consideration the best interests of the children when making decisions about custody and visitation. However, there is no universally accepted standard regarding what constitutes a child’s best interests. Each case must be determined individually.

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