Providing Structure For Your New Life After Divorce

The decision to get a divorce can feel overwhelming and emotionally wrenching. This can be particularly true in high-conflict cases involving children or when there are disputes over property and other assets. You may fear for your financial future, wonder if you can stay in your home or have concerns about how your divorce will affect your children. But consulting with an experienced family law attorney who can put your situation in perspective and provide you with concrete options for moving forward can help you take back control and start rebuilding a long-term, sustainable plan for your future. At Martin A. Tetreault, P.A., our family law firm will prioritize your well-being and security during this difficult transition. We empathize with what you're going through, and stand ready to represent your interests during a divorce, whether you're on friendly terms with your soon-to-be ex or require a more aggressive approach to defend your rights.

Making Children A Priority

If you have minor children, getting a divorce can be a lot more complicated. You will need to make arrangements for where the children will live and the degree to which you and your former spouse will share decisions about how your children will be raised. This includes decisions about religion, discipline, school, health care, food, holiday and vacation schedules and many other essential elements that have a bearing on the well-being of your children. Whether you arrange for sole custody, joint custody or one of the parents decides to move away, your circumstances will require careful and individualized consideration to come up with a plan that serves the best interests of your children. Our firm will work with you to craft a sustainable and fair plan that facilitates your continued relationship with your children.